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The Palermo - Martini Law Firm was born from the passion of two young lawyers who decided to merge their skills in different areas of law, in order to provide a complete protection, punctual and professional to every person or company involved in a legal problem.
The Firm informs and assists the client (private or company) both in out of Court, and in litigation in the following areas of specialization:
` Behind every problem there is an opportunity` (Galileo Galilei)
We believe that the mission of a lawyer is to ensure a highly qualified defensive activity, customized and built 'tailored' after listening carefully to the needs of the client, have informed him and helped to choose the best way.
It is for this reason that we are committed to ensuring that any practice - small or large - is treated with care, attention and dedication, since it hides a small or large 'Drama' - even human - sometimes perceived as unsurpassed.
We are, instead,firmly convinced that every problem, if carefully studied, deepened and tackled with determination has its own solution that, as lawyers, we have the duty to find.
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Lawyer Martini
'I love to study, deepen and take care of every detail of the issues I deal with'.
Within the Firm, I take care of the protection of persons involved in a separation or divorce and, more generally, in every family problem, also with reference to the law of succession (Inheritance, Will, Disinheritance, Legitimate, Succession, etc.). I also provide advice and assistance to agricultural and food businesses.

Curriculum Lawyer Martini
Lawyer Palermo
'I am firmly convinced that every problem has a solution'.
I deal exclusively with criminal law and I follow all aspects of criminal proceedings, from the investigation phase to the conclusion of the trial. I personally assist the client, whether under investigation or accused or victim of the crime, throughout the procedure in order to ensure the best possible defence. From the first interview with the client, my goal is to frame the problem, agree the strategy with the assisted and move as quickly as possible withthe sole aim of achieving the expected result.
Curriculum Lawyer Palermo
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